You’ve Been Exercising Wrong All This Time

Losing weight is a common challenge for many women, whether you are trying to correct the indulgence of the Christmas season or you want to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes again.

Losing weight is never easy, especially because most people do it wrong. From under-eating, which slows down your metabolism and reduces fat burn, to hormonal imbalance, there are plenty of good reasons why you are not getting slimmer despite all your efforts.

While this can be very frustrating, the only solution is to understand how your body functions to work with it instead of against it. But, there is more than dieting in a weight loss process. There is an element of workout and fitness that helps your body burn fat and build muscles. Have you considered that you might be starting your weight loss journey with the wrong workout for your goal? If not, it’s time to look at new options and to understand what the right workout can help you to achieve.

The Workout Dilemma

The first question that many weight loss candidates ask is: Which workout should I pick? Indeed, the choice is vast, and there are plenty of famous names on the fitness market. For many, registering to their local gym can be a solution that will save them from picking any at home workout. This could be the easiest way to avoid any difficult decision! But not everyone enjoys going to the gym as it can be expensive, demotivating and time-demanding. Sometimes, all you want to do with to stay at home and find a way to exercise from the comfort of your home.

This is where workouts come in handy. You will find that many workout plans focus on HIIT – high-intensity interval training -, Tabata protocol workout – which is a way of turning your body into a fat-burning engine in only a matter of minutes -, and afterburn – this means that your body continues to burn energy and fat long after the workout. Some workouts promise all that but fail to deliver, and some have highly positive results.

The best way for you to choose an effective workout is to narrow it down by researching reviews. As a rule of the thumb, a good workout doesn’t have to be expensive: It should require payment to access the exercises, but you shouldn’t have to pay at every step of the way. Additionally, you will need to find workouts that are not only challenging but also motivating, as keeping engaged with the exercises is key to developing healthy fitness habits.

Find Out The Right Workout For You

At the core of every weight loss journey, there’s not a workout regime, not any workout but the right workout for you. This could be confusing at first. What is indeed the right workout for you? Specialists have agreed on three body types that all require a different approach to fitness. The endomorph type is a body that is characterized by a preponderance of fat, while the ectomorph is naturally skinny and lacks fat and muscle tissues.

The third body type, the mesomorph tends to have a well-developed musculature, even with a little weight. Use a test to figure out your body proportions, or maybe start by defining your body shape: Pear, apple, boyish, and hourglass. Each shape is defined by your genetic material and therefore will response to a different mix of fat-melting cardio and toning moves. Tightening up your curves or defining your shape with the right workout is now just a matter of honesty about yourself and your body.

Embrace Your Workout Program

Finally, you might have chosen the appropriate workout for your shape and have made an educated choice based on real reviews, but you need to accept that it takes time to see the effects of your hard work. Remember that your workout doesn’t need to be one out of a boot camp training program, you can pick something achievable that combines cardio and strength for you to repeat during the week.

What matters is to be able to stick to your fitness program and to invest time and efforts in it to develop long-term results. Most workouts come with a specific diet plan, which may not be too exciting but has been defined by specialists who know what your body need to maintain its strength while burning fat. As most programs don’t require much longer than 6 or 8 weeks, this is a small concession for permanent weight loss.

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