Pizza Bowl Recipe: Delicious and Low-Carb

Get ready to indulge in the scrumptiousness of a pizza bowl with zero carbs. You’re in luck because we have just what you need! Come and join us on a journey of discovering the delectable flavors and textures of a traditional pizza bowl that has been transformed into a low-carb and mouth-watering delight.

Quick and Delicious Pizza Bowls: A Low-Carb Pizza Fix!

Pizza Bowls are a game-changer for pizza lovers! This easy, low-carb pizza bowl recipe is the answer to all our pizza cravings! Forget ordering in or making your own pizza dough – we’ve got Italian sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, Parmesan cheese, and red pepper flakes all in one bowl! Just cook the sausage and mushrooms, layer the ingredients in four ramekins, and place them under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese has browned and the sauce is bubbly! It’s that simple! If you’re looking for a quick and delicious pizza fix, these pizza bowls are the best way to go!

What is in Marco’s Pizza Bowl?

Marco’s Pizza Bowl is a delicious and low-carb alternative to traditional pizza crust. This crustless pizza is topped with Marco’s original sauce recipe, three signature cheeses, and up to four of your favorite toppings for just $7.99. This is an ideal option for those looking for a quick and delicious pizza fix without all the carbs. Every bite is packed with flavor, from the signature Marco’s sauce to the melted cheese and your favorite toppings. The perfect combination of savory and cheesy goodness, Marco’s Pizza Bowls are sure to satisfy any pizza craving!

For those looking for a more indulgent pizza experience, Marco’s Pizza Bowls can be customized with an array of additional toppings. From extra cheese to pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, olives, peppers, and more, the possibilities are endless. Plus, you can enjoy the deliciousness of Marco’s Pizza Bowls without the guilt of carbs – it’s the perfect low-carb pizza fix!

Who makes crustless pizza bowl?

Papa John’s is leading the way in low-carb pizza options with their new crustless pizza bowl. For just $8, you can get all the delicious toppings you’d normally order on your pizza, but in a bowl! To make this bowl even more tantalizing, the pizza toppings are layered in a bowl, making it a very easy and convenient way to enjoy a pizza fix without the carbs. The crustless pizza bowl is a revolutionary way to enjoy pizza without the guilt. No more waiting for delivery or making your own pizza dough – this is the perfect way to enjoy all your favorite pizza flavors without all the carbs.

Does pizza Hut make a pizza bowl?

Pizza Hut has recently joined the ranks of popular pizza chains offering the delicious and convenient pizza bowl. This crustless bowl is filled with the savory flavors of Italian sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, marinara sauce, and red pepper flakes. It’s a quick, low-carb option that satisfies your pizza cravings without the carbs! Plus, it’s easy to make – just layer the ingredients in four ramekins and place them under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese has browned and the sauce is bubbly! Pizza Hut’s pizza bowl is a delicious and convenient way to get your pizza fix without the carbs!

For an even more unique and flavorful pizza experience, you can add other toppings such as pepperoni, bell peppers, olives, or even bacon! You can also add some freshly chopped herbs like oregano, basil, or thyme for a hint of freshness. With so many options, you can customize your Pizza Hut pizza bowl to perfectly fit your tastes! Whether you’re looking for a low-carb pizza fix or something new and delicious, Pizza Hut’s pizza bowl is the perfect solution.

For an even more unique and flavorful pizza experience, you can add a variety of toppings to your Pizza Hut pizza bowl, including:

  • Pepperoni
  • Bell peppers
  • Olives
  • Bacon
  • Freshly chopped herbs such as oregano, basil, or thyme


What pizza chain makes pizza bowls?

Papa John’s has just released their first-ever crustless menu item: Papa Bowls! This delicious and low-carb option is perfect for those who love the flavors of a classic pizza but without the carbs. Packed with your favorite meats, cheeses and signature sauces, these bowls cost just $8 each and come in three delicious options: Italian meats trio, chicken alfredo and garden veggie. So if you’re looking for a tasty and low-carb pizza fix without all the hassle, Papa John’s Papa Bowls are the way to go! And with the added bonus of being able to customize your bowl to your taste, these bowls are sure to be a hit with everyone!

How many carbs are in a crustless pizza bowl?

A pizza bowl is a great way to enjoy a classic pizza without all the carbs. This low-carb pizza bowl recipe contains 10 net carbs per bowl, making it the perfect solution to satisfy your pizza craving without the guilt. Using 5 inch diameter, 10 ounce ramekins, you can easily make these delicious pizza bowls in your own home. The ingredients are simple – Italian sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, Parmesan cheese, and red pepper flakes – but you can switch out the sausage and mushrooms for other traditional pizza toppings. With a few simple steps, you can have a delicious, low-carb pizza bowl in no time!

To make this pizza bowl even more delicious, try adding some extra flavor by adding your favorite spices. You can also try different cheese options like feta or Gouda for a different flavor profile. Additionally, you can add some extra veggies like bell peppers, onions, or even spinach for a healthier, nutrient-packed pizza bowl. With a few simple swaps, you can create a low-carb pizza bowl that’s as unique as you are!

No matter what your craving, you can satisfy it with a delicious and low-carb pizza bowl. The possibilities are endless – you can top your pizza bowl with your favorite pizza toppings, or keep it simple with just cheese and sauce. There’s no need to order in or make your own pizza dough when you can whip up this tasty pizza bowl in no time!


What is in the Marcos Deluxe Pizza Bowl?

The Marcos Deluxe Pizza Bowl contains Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, original sauce and three cheeses.

How does Papa Murphy’s make a crustless pizza?

Preheat oven to 425°F. Bake on center rack for 12-18 minutes. CAREFULLY remove from oven and enjoy.

Does Papa Johns make crustless pizza?

Papa Bowls are a crustless way to enjoy Papa Johns pizza toppings. They combine veggies, meats, cheeses, and sauces and are baked to perfection.

Does Domino’s sell a crustless pizza?

Yes, Domino’s offers a crustless pizza in the form of “Specialty Chicken” – breaded, white boneless chicken pieces topped with sauce, cheese and other pizza toppings.

Does Little Caesars have crustless pizza?

Little Caesars offers Thin Crust pizza with Cheese and Pepperoni.


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