New Tubby Table Bathtime Toy Review

Bath time has always been one of my favorite times of day with my kids. From the time they were newborns it’s always been a bonding experience. No matter what else has gone on in my day, it’s a time for everyone to relax and settle down and prepare for bed.Since it’s something we do every single day, they quickly tire of playing with the same toys. For some reason there just doesn’t seem to be a great variety of bath toys out there. Then I heard about; an activity center for kids to play with right in the tub!

TubbyTableToysInc_NewTubbyTableIt was love at first sight for my almost two year old Jax! He was thrilled to see this new colorful thing in his tub and he immediately knew what to do with it! It’s designed for ages 18m – 4y so he’s at just the right age to appreciate it!

I love that it’s fun and educational! There are four shapes that only fit into their correct spot and when you flip them over they are cups to play with in the water. Jax loves pouring things! Unfortunately this extends to whatever drinks he can get his hands on but this is a safe environment for him to play without the mess!

He also loved taking a cup and dumping it on top of the wheel that would then spin. He is for so long I had to force him out of the tub when the water got too cold.

Here he is playing with his Tubby Table for the first time! (note: I refer to it as a “tubby time table” probably thinking of “tummy time” but that is not the name. It is just Tubby Table)

One of the fun things about the tubby table is that you can add to it with a Tubby Buddy. Jax loves cars so I knew that he would really like the Little Racers race car set. It comes with a little race track that fits into the middle section of the table and four cars.


Everything floats including the cars so they can be played with on their own as well. Jax loves the cars the most!

Jax loves the Tubby Table and Tubby Buddy and literally stays in now long enough for the water to get cold.

This activity table would make such a unique Christmas gift for the little ones this year and a fun alternative to regular toys!

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