Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Cleaner Microfiber Cloth Towel to Polish Appliances

Now that I have stainless steel appliances I have learned a few things about stainless steel. There are different grades which can make all the difference in cleaning and also the price. I was excited when we decided to buy stainless steel appliances, until they were delivered and installed and I looked at all the fingerprints on them. I realized I may have caused a whole lot more work for myself! Ugh!

I have tried the Pro Chef Kitchen Towel on many things. The instructions are to fold the Polishing Towel and use it dry (I assume it means to then use a little bit of elbow grease.) First I tried my toaster. It is a little older and an inexpensive stainless steel. It has been hard to clean even with the Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Premium Microfiber Cloth Stainless Steel Polishing Towel. There were some spots on it which were impossible to remove.Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Appliance Polishing Cloth - Clean and Polish Appliances, Counters, Fridge Doors, Sinks, Windows with Easy Wipes Using Dry, Damp or with Cleaners

I then tried the Polishing Towel on my dishwasher which is new, but has a few water spots on it. Those water spots I could not rub out with the Polishing Towel either and honestly I didn’t want to rub to hard and accidentally scratch it. I tried it dry as recommended and also with water on the Towel, but the water spots are still there. On to trying out the Polishing Towel on my oven which was fairly clean and new, but did have a few water spots also and those were easy to wipe off. My oven and my dishwasher are different brands so I wonder if that had something to do with it.

Then I tried my coffee mug that is stainless steel. When I wet the Polishing Towel by Pro Chef it worked with a little less elbow grease on my coffee mug. The latest thing I tried the Polishing Towel on was my dog’s water bowl. I was able to polish it clean for the most part. It seemed like the right kind of stainless steel for this Microfiber cloth.

Now I have learned even more about stainless steel. The age of the stainless steel and/or how long or well the stainless still has been cleaned has a lot to do with trying to clean the stainless steel now. Also, I have learned that you should not let water or spills dry on your stainless steel appliances! Pro Chef Kitchen Polishing Towel seemed to work on a few things, but may have worked on more if I would have used more elbow grease!

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