Installing an Electric Fireplace Frame: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you looking to cozy up your home with the comforting ambiance of a fireplace? Look no further! Installing an electric fireplace frame is a simple and easy way to bring the warmth of a fireplace into your home without the hassle of installing a traditional one. With this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to create a cozy atmosphere in no time!

How do you frame an electric fireplace?

Installing an electric fireplace frame is an easy and stylish way to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace without the hassle and expense of a traditional one. To begin the process, you’ll need to choose a location in your home, select an electric fireplace insert, and gather the necessary materials to frame the fireplace. Building the base and frame are the most important steps in the process, as they create the structure and support for the insert. Then, you’ll need to cover the base and frame with plywood before finally installing the frame around the base and wall. With the right tools and materials, you can create a cozy atmosphere in no time!

What is the frame around a fireplace called?

Electric-Fireplace-0The fireplace mantel or mantelpiece is an essential component of any fireplace, offering a decorative frame that brings a touch of sophistication to the room. It is typically made of wood, stone, or metal and is available in a variety of styles, from classic to contemporary. With its ability to elevate the aesthetic of a room, it’s no wonder the fireplace mantel has been a popular design element for centuries. From its traditional roots to modern interpretations, the mantel serves as an elegant focal point that adds a timeless charm to any space.

Can you frame around an electric fireplace?

Installing an electric fireplace frame is a great way to add a cozy atmosphere to any living space. Not only do these frames come in a variety of styles and sizes, but they are also easy to install and can be plugged into any 120-volt outlet. Once the electric fireplace is attached to the wall, you can customize the look even further by framing it in with reclaimed wood, leftover wall trim, or other framing materials. This will give your electric fireplace a unique and personalized touch that will be sure to make your home feel extra cozy and inviting.

To create a cozy atmosphere in your home with an electric fireplace, here are the steps to follow:

  • Measure the space where you plan to install the electric fireplace frame and select the desired size.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and safety precautions.
  • Secure the frame to the wall according to the instructions.
  • Plug the electric fireplace into a 120-volt outlet.
  • Frame the electric fireplace

How do you make a freestanding electric fireplace look built-in?


Installing an electric fireplace frame is an easy way to bring the ambiance of a traditional fireplace into your home without the hassle of installation. To make the electric fireplace look built-in, you can fill any gaps with custom trim or add tiles to create a realistic effect. For a more seamless look, add a thin strip of lattice on the edges of the tile to hide any remaining gaps. For an even more polished look, consider adding additional design elements such as a mantel or stone surround. With a little bit of effort, you can transform your electric fireplace frame into a fully integrated and beautiful addition to your home.

What is the metal frame around a fireplace called?

The metal frame that surrounds a fireplace is known as a mantel. This decorative piece of wood or stone is designed to frame the opening of a fireplace while also covering part of the chimney breast. Not only does it provide a pleasing aesthetic, but it also serves a functional purpose, providing a secure and stable platform to support the firebox. The mantel is usually constructed from furniture-grade materials that are resistant to heat, and can range in size from 400 to 1,000 square feet. With its decorative and functional design, the mantel can be a great way to add warmth and charm to any living space.

The mantel can also be customized to fit any room size and style. From wood and stone to steel and marble, there are many materials to choose from. Additionally, the mantel can be accented with decorative pieces like candles, artwork, or even a mirror to create a unique and inviting atmosphere. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect mantel to fit your home’s needs.

Adding an electric fireplace frame to your home is a great way to add both warmth and style. With a variety of sizes and styles available, it is easy to find the perfect frame to fit your home’s décor. Whether you want a built-in look or a freestanding unit, installing an electric fireplace frame is a simple and straightforward process. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and you’ll have your new electric fireplace up and running in no time!


How thick does a wall need to be for an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces typically need a wall depth of 4.25-12 inches for installation on a wall’s surface.

Can you frame around a fireplace?

Fireplace framing can be constructed around an existing fireplace with non-combustible material, creating a chase for cables and providing support for substrates and cladding materials.

What is the best material for a fireplace surround?

Granite is the most popular and durable material for a fireplace surround, as it is scratch-resistant, heat-tolerant and unlikely to chip or crack. It is suitable for both gas and wood burning fireplaces.

What is a fireplace jamb?

A fireplace jamb is a wall projecting from the back to form one side of a fire-place enclosure, supporting the arch, bar, mantle, or tree.

Can you use wood framing around a fireplace?

Wood framing should not be placed within 2 inches of the exterior face of a masonry fireplace, and must be 6 inches away from the flue lining.

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