Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Cleaner Microfiber Cloth Towel to Polish Appliances

Now that I have stainless steel appliances I have learned a few things about stainless steel. There are different grades which can make all the difference in cleaning and also the price. I was excited when we decided to buy stainless steel appliances, until they were delivered and installed and I looked at all the … Read more

Home Tech Devices You May Consider

You probably added many devices to your list of indispensable household devices. While every family is different, a lot of devices like vacuum sealers, desktop fans and tankless water heaters weren’t a must 10 years ago have become so. Smart Home Automation Smart home automation offers a variety of benefits that can improve the quality … Read more

How to Choose A Space Heater?

A space heater is a convenient way to quickly raise your room temperature and add warmth to any space or room. They come in a variety of sizes and styles all with their own unique design features. When choosing what space heater to buy, there are two main questions that come into mind, “will it effectively heat … Read more

Swimming Goggles – GogglX Review

My kids both love swimming! This year I decided to put them in a more serious swim program than the summer one they did every year. At five and six, I really need them to be able to swim! It’s a life skill and I want to feel safe knowing if my kids ever fell … Read more