ShowerMade Quick Dry Shower Tote Bag Review

Shower Tote - ShowerMade Premium Quality Shower Caddy The Strongest Quick Dry Bag for your Washroom Accessories - Perfect Hanging Caddy for College, Dorm or Gym - Portable for Camping and Travelling

I have grown nieces and nephews (past 18) that I never know what to get for Christmas. This year my twenty two year old nephew is going into the Navy. I saw this ShowerMade Quick Dry Shower Tote Bag and thought it would be perfect for him. Sure it’s not a fancy gadget but it’s something he’ll need and will be put to good use!

The really nice thing about this is how many pockets it has! It actually has room to take everything single thing you’ll need in the shower AND bathroom, and more!Shower Tote - 2 Premium Quality Shower Caddy The Strongest Quick Dry Bag for your Washroom Accessories - Perfect Hanging Caddy for College, Dorm or Gym - Portable for Camping and Travelling

The mesh material will allow water to go through it if it’s hanging in the shower and dry quickly thereafter without getting moldy or mildew. It also has a really long strap so if the shower head is really high, you can still reach it.

When I opened it, I was impressed with how thick it is. It can really hold a lot of weight without collapsing or breaking apart on you. I stuffed it with some goodies for my nephew to take with him when he ships off and it made the perfect Christmas gift! Of course I still added a gift card to make it even more appealing but it was fun to actually have something to give him to open instead of just an envelope!

What To Do In An Emergency

If you’ve ever been the one who has to handle an emergency, you know how nerve-wracking it can be. Do you know what to do when you’re the person responsible? Keep the following tips in mind.

  1. lways know where you are in case an emergency arises. Take note of the street address and nearest cross street so that you can tell emergency responders. If you’re with people who have chronic health issues, make sure you know what their medical conditions are and if they’re on any medication.
  2. When you call 911, don’t offer up every piece of information at once. Listen to the 911 operator and answer the questions they ask you without getting ahead of yourself. Answer thoroughly and clearly so the operator doesn’t have to repeat their questions.
  3. If you’ve been trained in CPR and if the person isn’t breathing, perform CPR until medical help arrives.
  4. Gather any medications the injured or sick person is taking so that you can give it to the emergency responders when they arrive.
  5. Move furniture out of the way so the emergency team can get in and out without any obstructions.
  6. Jot down the facts so that you don’t forget them as the day goes on. Take note of when the person was injured or fell sick, how the accident happened, when they slipped in and out of consciousness, etc. No detail is too small.
  7. Stay near the door or ask someone else to stay close to the door so that the emergency team can be let in as soon as they arrive.
  8. If there’s a bleeding wound, apply deep pressure with a clean cloth. Keep pressure on the wound until it stops bleeding or until the medical team gets there.
  9. When the medical team arrives and is working on the patient, fill out as much of the medical forms as you can. Any information will be helpful, even if the person who’s injured can’t help with specific information at the moment.

From the time when you call 911 because there’s been an emergency to when the mobile medical units arrive, it’s important to stay calm and think clearly. Review these tips every now and then so that you’re prepared if you ever have to use them.

Serve up some Fun with Brownie Match™ Game by Educational Insights

My kids love playing games and they are especially fun around the holidays like now when they have a week off school for Thanksgiving. They have been playing together and with friends and a new favorite is the Brownie Match ™ Game!This game has instant appeal, probably because everyone loves brownies! My seven year old daughter was super excited to start playing right away! Now that she can read she read the directions to her two year old brother before playing.


Even though he’s only two, he actually did really well playing with his sister! It wasn’t long before my oldest son who originally said he wasn’t interested had joined them!

I really like games that all three can play together and there really aren’t many that they like!

Each player spins the spinner and flip a brownie with the included spatula. The idea is to make a match and scoop it up. Whoever gets five first wins. Of course there are little twists and turns along the way like burnt brownies and spilled milk. Nobody likes that!

This would make such a fun gift for kids and families this holiday season. Everyone seems to love it! I have even found my daughter playing with her stuffed animals when no one else is around to play!

Brownie Match ™ Game is a huge hit in our house and I’m sure it would be for the kids on your holiday shopping list too!

6 Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Succeed in Life

Raising kids is both difficult and rewarding. As a responsible parent, you want to do everything in your power to make sure your kids get placed on a path toward success. Givin


g your kids a head start isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Here are some simple ways you can boost your kids’ potential every day.

1. Value Education

The more you personally value education, the more your kids will take school seriously. Your kids learn from all aspects of their lives, but school is one of the most influential places to teach critical thinking, problem-solving, and proper social behavior. Explain how you viewed school when you were younger, how school is helpful, and why it’s important to work hard in class. Help your kids figure out which subjects they like the most and find ways to support their academic interests.

2. Reward Responsibility

Kids can help around the house no matter how old they are. Let your younger children separate socks during laundry time, and older kids can help with dishes after dinner. Establish a responsibility system and reward your kids for keeping up with their duties. This teaches kids how to hold themselves accountable and develop a good work ethic.

3. Develop a Strong Sense of Self-Worth

Kids need to feel safe and loved to develop the self-assurance they need to be successful. However, you don’t have to go far out of your way to boost your kids’ esteem. Small, daily acts of encouragement go a long way.
For example, instead of doing everything for your child, let your little ones take on small challenges themselves. Encourage them along the way, even if they are slow and make mistakes. Don’t look over their shoulder as an authority figure but as a supportive hand when the challenges get too complicated. Assure them that you are around to help when they get stuck, but let them figure things out in their own way. As a result, they’ll feel more capable, independent, and rely less on external praise for self-esteem.

4. Work on Communication Skills

When kids learn effective communication skills early in life, they are better prepared to face life’s incessant challenges. They are also more confident in school and form stronger relationships with peers. There’s a lot of research out there about how to teach communication skills to youth and adults alike. Businesses even measure the financial implications of certain types of communication methods.

5. Learn to Love Reading

Get those cute little noses dug deep into books. Let your kids choose what they read and visit your local library often. To keep your collection of classics in mint condition, a USC online article recommends storing books away from sunlight and humidity. As tempting as that basement might be for long-term storage, avoid damp places that accumulate dust and tend to rot over time.

6. Be Their Biggest Cheerleader

Above all, the best thing you can do to help your kids succeed is be their number one fan throughout their lives. Encourage them, give them constructive feedback, and tell them that they were born with everything they need to live an incredible life. Now, get out there and start living!

The CiPU Baby Diaper Bag has Everything for Baby AND Mom! #CiPU

With three kids I have gone through my fair share of diaper bags, and then some! I could just never find one with everything I needed! I felt like the Goldilocks of diaper bags! This one’s too big, this one’s too small, this one’s ugly, this one’s cheap, this one has no style and this one has nowhere for MY stuff! Well finally I found the one that’s just right!

The CiPU diaper baghas literally everything I need for baby AND me! It was like Christmas morning opening each bag and compartment to find the hidden treasures within! I don’t know about you but I don’t like to carry a separate purse when I am lugging around a diaper bag, a baby and whatever else they need! I only have two arms!

This set includes a double pouch and hand carry pouch, either one that can be used as your purse. I have used both depending where I am going and what exactly I need.

I don’t carry a lot in my purse. It’s basically my wallet, phone and keys so even though the hand carry pouch is small, it fits everything I need!

For those that like a bigger purse, the double pouch works as a purse as it has more space. I personally like this pouch for wet/dirty clothes. it’s nicely lined and can keep those items away from the clean items in the bag! We have all experienced the dreaded blow out and need a place for those nasty clothes!

The set also includes a water proof diaper pad to take care of that messy change!

When it comes to attention to detail, this one has it all. It really is the little things that makes all the difference in the world! I love the pouches on either end of the big bag for baby AND for mommy to have a drink! What I’ve found with most bags is that its a shallow pouch where things tend to fall out. This ones tall and deep enough to hold a standard water bottle or baby bottle without dumping them!

The inside also has tons of space! Usually I shove a few things in and then can’t zip the bag shut. This one has a large capacity for everything you need! My favorite part has to be the pockets. Pockets galore to keep everything organized! It even has the zipper pocket for those things that need a little privacy!

Another neat little feature is the adjustable buckle. I am constantly digging through purses and bags in search of my keys. Somehow they always seem to slip beyond my reach. With this buckle, it stretches up to 63cm so your keys are right at your fingertips! No more lost keys!

If you are out on the go and want to hang the bag from your stroller, the included aluminum hook makes this a snap!

Everything is adjustable, comfortable and set to fit all of your baby’s needs AND yours as well! The CiPU Diaper bag really has it all!

Grow With Your Child

baby stepsAs parents, we know that frugality is not a word that we can thoroughly engage with during the first few years of our child’s life. There is always something that will need to be purchased, no matter how hard we try and save on our money and cut back our spending. Once our children are finished with one thing, they’re straight on to another; it’s unfortunately just the way that life works.

There are things that we will just need to keep replacing until our children hit teenage years or until they outgrow the need for them. But what are these things, and how much do we need to set aside for them as they grow?


Moses baskets, cribs, cots, co-sleepers – whatever you have and whatever you are using right now, it will eventually need updating. Moses baskets typically last up to 5 or 6 months depending on how big your baby is, and they can then be transferred to a cot. Or you could cut out the moses basket/crib and go straight to the standard baby cot.

It is recommended that your child sleeps in the same room with you until they are at least 6 months old to prevent the risk of SIDS, and so you may find it is easier to have a smaller sleep space for them until they go into their own bedroom. The good thing to know is that once they are in their cot they can stay in there for a couple of years, until they outgrow it and will need either a toddler bed or a single bed.

Stores are cottoning on that it’s becoming tedious to keep replacing beds, so many like IKEA are offering extendable beds to solve the problem of constant replacement. This can cost anything from a couple of hundred across the years to thousands depending on how much you want to spend on a good night’s sleep.

Car Seats

The good thing to know about car seats is that eventually, your child will not need them. The other thing worth noting is that you can get car seats that are set in stages once they are out of the car seat that they have used from birth. Check to see which is the right one for you and your child by taking down details of how tall they need to be and how much they need to weigh to go into a particular seat – always assess the safety first.

You can look online for baby seats reviews to see what suits your budget and your lifestyle. They come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, offering everything from ease of access to get your child out of the car to reclining seats for those kids who can’t help but doze off on a short journey.


This is the most obvious, but at least when you get to a certain point in teenage years you won’t need to keep buying for size – only to keep up with the latest trends that are cropping up. This is one thing you can be frugal on, and asking friends and family for hand me downs should not be frowned upon; where else are the clothes going to go and what else are they going to be doing? It’s better that they’re put to good use!

Boosting Baby’s Brain

Babies are like little sponges. Everything you say and do with them stimulates their senses and has the ability to create new brain cells and boost their brain power now and in the future. From simply smiling and laughing with your baby to playing games, every move you make is having an effect on your baby’s brain, which means that if you pay attention and implement specific activities, you can increase the power of your actions and make your baby smarter. Here are some actives you and baby can do together that will boost his or her brain at the same time:

Make Eye Contact

Researchers have found that making eye contact with your baby when they look at you and smiling or talking with them will encourage interplay between the two of you, help to build a connection and boost the part of their brain that deals with emotions and relationships.


Reading to your baby from an early age is one of the best things you can do if you want to boost their brainpower and help them grow into a smart young child. When reading, try to make it a sensory experience by rocking your baby and showing them pictures, even if they’re too young to really notice.


Touching your baby is something you probably do instinctively and without even thinking, but it is so important to the development of your child. Not only does regular touch help your child to become more self-aware, but it also helps to build knowledge of personal boundaries as they get older.


Playing with children is a great way to teach them about interacting with their surroundings. For example, one of the first games babies intuitively play is the one where they throw their food on the floor and mommy, or daddy picks it up. This teaches them about cause and effect and the world in which they live.

When playing games, babies love predictability and repetition. There are lots of toys and games aimed at babies, which can offer this and help to develop their brainpower – just browse baby toys for games and objects that have pulling strings, repeating sounds and colors, etc., to help baby make the most of their play time.


If you can stimulate your baby’s senses, you can help to boost their brain development. The feel of warm, soothing water and the skin to skin contact between parent and child is a great way of doing this, so try to make your baby’s bathtime as fun as possible for your little one.


Just talking to your baby as you would anyone else will help to boost their vocabulary, build a strong family bond and enable them to express their wants and needs, even in a nonverbal way to start with. The more new words you introduce to your child, the better their own vocabulary will be by the time they reach the age of 3!


Introducing your baby to new aromas is another great way to stimulate senses and give them new experiences that will boost their brain. Pick some flowers and let them play with them, take them to the park, give them a massage with lavender oil – do whatever you can to stimulate their sense of smell.

Helping Children Navigate The Tides Of Change

Change isn’t easy to deal with. That’s true whether you’re three, or sixty-three. There’s no denying, though, that children find change harder to deal with than most adults. That’s probably because they’ve had to deal with less of it in their short lives. Plus, everything seems a lot larger when you’re little. Especially those big scary changes! Instead of shying away from change, it’s your parental responsibility to help them process and adapt. When handled in the right way, change is essential for helping your children to grow. And no, we don’t mean out of their clothes, again! We are, of course, talking about them growing emotionally. So, how is the right way to deal with change in a child’s life?

A lot of a child’s fear of change comes from a lack of understanding. Children think in simple terms. If they were happy with how things were, they might be unable to see why anything has to change. That’s why it’s important you explain to them what’s happening and why. The way you go about this will vary depending on the change. It may be that you and your partner are divorcing. Or, maybe the change is something as simple as moving schools. Or is a relocation on the cards? One thing’s sure, you don’t want to wait until the moving company is there to explain what’s happening. Make sure you keep your child informed throughout, whatever the change is. Information is critical. Explain what’s happening at every stage. The more your child knows, the less chance of them getting an unpleasant surprise.


Children are inquisitive by nature. It’s how they learn. After you’ve explained, be ready for the questions your kids might throw at you. With change, those endless ‘why,’ queries take on a whole new meaning. Try to consider what your child will ask before they ask it. That way, you can give an appropriate response. You may be busy planning whatever has caused the change, but always be available for questioning. Never brush away a query or reply with ‘we’ll talk about it later.’ Keeping the lines of communication open is essential. Not having their questions answered will leave your kids full of doubt.


It’s also important to support your children’s emotional needs. When you become a parent, you made a commitment always to put your child first. If you’re separating, you may feel as though you have more important things to worry about. The simple answer is, you don’t. Your child’s emotions come before your own. You may feel like the injured party, but you made a conscious choice. Your kids didn’t. Even when you feel like falling apart, keep it together for them! If the change is something like a new school, support them by reassuring them. Try to focus on exciting aspects, like new friends and a new school uniform. Distracting them in this way will stop them worrying about the scary stuff.

Perfect Love Tokens, To Show Your Man How Much He Means To You

When it come to buying love tokens, often men have it easy don’t they? They can just pop out, or go online and get one of the thousands of heart or love themed objects that are specially designed for women. But when us girls have to do the same for them, it often means putting in a bit more though and work. Luckily we have come up with a guide to help you solve the dilemma of what you get your boo as a token of your love. Just keep reading to find out more.

Something Personalized

A lovely way of showing how much room your other half occupies in your heart is by getting them a personalized gift. Happily, there are many shops that now specialize in things like this, so there are no longer difficult to find.

Particularly good ideas include wallets, necklaces, or rings with the coordinates of where you first met, got together, or got married on them.

Or another sweet male focused personalized gifts include cute word pictures containing all the things that they love, or the things that you love to do together.

Or if you prefer more of a scrapbook vibe then why not try a smash book? These are scrapbooks that are designed to be added to quickly and organically to make a fantastic document of a special time in your life. You can really put anything you like in there including pictures, napkins from his favorite restaurants, poems or other ephemera.

Love Letters

Ok, this might sound a bit corny, but you don’t have to start quoting Shakespeare or anything. Instead, you can just write about the qualities that you most appreciate in them. Or a particular time in which they supported you, and you want to say thank you for.

You can even get a whole pack of cards and envelopes and just put one good thing about them on eac. Then send them one by one through the post. Which is not only adorably sweet and romantic, but will also be a lovely treat for their ego as well.


Now, if you would prefer to let the gift do the talking rather than your own words you might want to consider getting your bae some jewelry. Jewelry is a great love token as its expensive, so it shows that you value them, and it made from precious metal which will stand the test of time. Just like your relationship.

Of course, picking of jewelry items for guys can be fraught with difficulties as it is important to get them an item that fits in with their personal style.

So ask yourself whether they wear rings, necklaces, or cufflinks before you spend all of your money on something. Another good test is to see if you can picture them wearing it? If so it’s probably a good bet.

Remember too, that chunky jewelry like the items available on Amazon is always more masculine. So is likely to be received better, and don’t forget; a little bling looks good on men and women alike.

Gift basket

If you are looking for a physical gift that says I love you, but that also doesn’t cost the Earth, then there is nothing better than a gift basket that you have put together yourself.

This works particularly well if you are in a long distance relationship as you can send it to your partner’s location and remind them of you and home.

But what thing should you include in such a basket? Well, first of all, think favorites. Pack it with their favorite candy, chips, and sodas. Then think about things that you can share together like reading a book, or a game that you can both play.

New Tubby Table Bathtime Toy Review

Bath time has always been one of my favorite times of day with my kids. From the time they were newborns it’s always been a bonding experience. No matter what else has gone on in my day, it’s a time for everyone to relax and settle down and prepare for bed.Since it’s something we do every single day, they quickly tire of playing with the same toys. For some reason there just doesn’t seem to be a great variety of bath toys out there. Then I heard about; an activity center for kids to play with right in the tub!

TubbyTableToysInc_NewTubbyTableIt was love at first sight for my almost two year old Jax! He was thrilled to see this new colorful thing in his tub and he immediately knew what to do with it! It’s designed for ages 18m – 4y so he’s at just the right age to appreciate it!

I love that it’s fun and educational! There are four shapes that only fit into their correct spot and when you flip them over they are cups to play with in the water. Jax loves pouring things! Unfortunately this extends to whatever drinks he can get his hands on but this is a safe environment for him to play without the mess!

He also loved taking a cup and dumping it on top of the wheel that would then spin. He is for so long I had to force him out of the tub when the water got too cold.

Here he is playing with his Tubby Table for the first time! (note: I refer to it as a “tubby time table” probably thinking of “tummy time” but that is not the name. It is just Tubby Table)

One of the fun things about the tubby table is that you can add to it with a Tubby Buddy. Jax loves cars so I knew that he would really like the Little Racers race car set. It comes with a little race track that fits into the middle section of the table and four cars.


Everything floats including the cars so they can be played with on their own as well. Jax loves the cars the most!

Jax loves the Tubby Table and Tubby Buddy and literally stays in now long enough for the water to get cold.

This activity table would make such a unique Christmas gift for the little ones this year and a fun alternative to regular toys!