“Bee Crafts for Kids: From Egg Cartons to Fuzzy Bees!”

Let’s embark on a journey to discover the captivating universe of bees. These buzzing creatures, from their sweet honey to the flapping of their wings, play a critical role in our ecosystem. They can be a great source of entertainment, inspiration, and creativity for kids of all ages. If you’re ready, let’s delve into the world of bee-themed decorations, activities, and crafts to bring the magic of bees into your home.

Bee-utiful Crafts for Kids!

Are your kids buzzing to make some bee crafts? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a ton of cool bee-inspired projects they’ll love. From simple egg carton bees to more complex cardboard tube bees, there’s something for kids of all ages. And if they’re looking for something extra special, they can even make their own DIY bee rock pet or fuzzy bee craft! Plus, these projects are perfect for extending the learning after reading a book about bees or insects. Get ready to get creative and have a blast crafting these awesome bee projects with your kids!

How to make a bee decoration?

Glue the small foam bee onto the top of the beehive.

Creating a bee decoration is a fun and creative project for kids of all ages! Start by hot gluing a rope to the bottom of a garden planter. This will act as the body of the beehive. Make sure to continue gluing the rope around the planter until it is completely covered. After the rope is in place, paint a small circle area with black paint for the opening. Then, glue twine around the opening and make a loop bow for the top. Attach the bow with wire, and glue a small foam bee onto the top of the beehive. Finally, you’ll have a unique, bee-inspired decoration that your kids will be sure to love!

What are fun bee activities for preschoolers?

Preschoolers can explore the fascinating world of bees with a variety of fun activities. From listening to the buzzing of bees to singing bee songs, these activities can help children learn more about bees. Building beehives out of blocks, reading bee books, and pretending to be bees are all great ways to spark conversations and get children excited about these buzzing insects. To further extend their learning, open-ended questions like “Where do bees live?” or “How do bees make honey?” can be used to encourage curiosity and exploration. Finally, kids can create bee-inspired art projects to share their newfound knowledge – a great way to foster their creativity and imaginations!

How do you make a thumb print bee?

Creating a thumbprint bee is a fun and creative craft activity for kids of all ages. With the use of a washable yellow marker to color your child’s thumb and then pressing it onto a piece of paper, your child can start creating an adorable bee. Once the thumbprint is in place, use a black marker to add stripes, wings, eyes, antennae and a stinger, and let your child’s imagination run wild. For extra fun, let your child color the bee with crayons or colored pencils to really make the bee come to life! This craft activity not only helps promote creativity and imagination, but also develops fine motor skills and encourages learning about the importance of bees.

Creating a thumbprint bee is a fun and creative craft activity for kids of all ages that helps promote creativity and imagination, as well as develops fine motor skills. Here is a list of the needed supplies for this activity:

  • Washable yellow marker
  • Paper
  • Black marker
  • Crayons or colored pencils (optional)

How do you make a bee fountain?

Creating a bee fountain is a great way to give bees a safe and cool place to stay during the hot summer months. To make one, start by filling a hummingbird feeder with water and adding glass pebbles or marbles to a shallow container. Place the pebbles in the hummingbird feeder and add rocks to a self-filling pet bowl. Finally, put the pet bowl in the shallow container and attach it to a plastic poultry feeder. Remember, bees can’t swim, so make sure to add extra pebbles to give them extra places to stand. You can also add a few floating flowers to the fountain for a decorative touch! With a few simple supplies and a bit of creativity, you can make a bee-friendly fountain that will keep these hard-working pollinators safe and happy all summer long.

How do you make a bee oasis?

Creating a bee oasis is a great way to help out the bee population and bring some beauty to your garden. To make a bee oasis, you’ll need a container, some marbles or pebbles, and some water. Start by filling the container with water so that only the tops of the marbles or pebbles are exposed. This will provide a safe landing spot for the bees when they come to drink. Then, place the container in a cool, shady spot or near your flower beds with the most bee activity. Additionally, you can add some dirt or sand for the bees to climb up and out of the water. By providing a safe place for the bees to drink, you can help them in their pollination process and bring some beauty to your garden.

No matter what bee craft you choose to make, it’s sure to be a buzz-worthy project! From egg cartons to fuzzy bees, kids are sure to love crafting their own bee creations. So grab the supplies, and let the buzz begin!


What cool things can bees do?

Bees have amazing abilities: they can fly up to 12 mph, produce 1 tablespoon of honey in their lifetime, and a Queen Bee lays 800,000 eggs in her lifetime! They also maintain a hive temperature of 93-95 degrees year-round. A single bee weighs .

What is bee activity for children?

Create a Bee Bath: Fill a shallow bowl with water, stones and corks for bees to land on. Kids can paint stones for personalization.

How do you make a honeycomb craft?

Cut paper towel roll into 1/2 inch sections, bend in half twice to make diamond shape, arrange in beehive shape on yellow paper, glue in place and let dry.

How do you make a bee out of a toilet paper roll?

Cut yellow cardstock to fit around paper roll. Cut 2 narrow strips of black cardstock. Add 2 googly eyes. Draw mouth on with black marker.

How do you make a bee handprint?

Fold yellow cardstock; cut out handprint; glue black strips on top; trim edges; cut 2 wings from white cardstock; draw smile with black marker.


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