Baby Comes Home by Dr. Paul Book

My Thoughts

Even though I have three children, I still feel like I’m learning new things about parenting every day! You would think by my third baby I would have it somewhat figured out but Jax is a totally different baby than my first two. He has his own set of issues and challenges and so while I have the experience of the first two to reference; it doesn’t mean he will do the same things.

Even in the seven years since having my first, so much has changed and new information is learned every day in the world of baby. Baby Comes Home by Dr. Paul explores the baby’s first eighteen months in a truly unique way.

I really like the way this book was written, more like a conversation than a textbook like so many baby books are. It just reads in terms that are normal and simple without overcomplicating things. I actually thought much of it was common sense but some people have limited or even no experience with babies before becoming parents themselves. This will literally tell them everything they need to know.

While a lot of it was what I already knew when it came to the basics like care and feeding of newborns, there were a few sections that were of particular interest to me as a third time parent like common illnesses and conditions. Jax has been a lot sicker than my first two ever were. This section goes through all the illnesses they are likely to get in their first year and a half with descriptions of each.

The other sections I really liked were on growth and development. I can’t remember what age my other two did certain milestones or what Jax should be doing by thirteen months. It’s nice to read and know where he’s on track and areas that I should be working with him.

I would say that Dr. Paul is a little bit old school in his approach and I like that! I think there was nothing wrong with the way things were done when I was growing up, especially concerning things like vaccinations and potty training. I think basics are good and there’s no need to complicate things the way that they seem to do now.

Baby Comes Home would be a perfect baby shower gift for the new mom in your life and a good refresher and information tool for moms who already have kids.

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