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My Thoughts

I have been trying to shake my last 7 pounds of baby weight for a while now and it just seems stuck on me – literally! I don’t typically diet because I don’t like to give up the foods I like! I prefer to just eat what I want and exercise. But this is the first time in my life that I’ve really struggled to lose weight, even if it wasn’t a lot. Getting pregnant at thirty-seven definitely took a toll on my body and made it really hard to lose the weight. That’s why I decided to throw my “no diet rule” to the wind and give diet-to-go a try!

I’ll be honest. With picky eaters in my house and a baby that I made homemade baby food for, I’m a little tired of food! Part of the appeal of this plan to me was that the food is delivered right to my door! No cooking, no pans to clean up, no planning, no shopping – just food delivered to my door. I was already sold!

diet to go app mealplan

I tried the traditional low-fat menu but they also have Low-carb and Vegetarian available. The food came delivered in one big package on dry ice so it was still cold and some of it even frozen.

I was really excited to have such a large variety of foods that included drinks, condiments and everything I needed! I told my husband to fend for himself for a week!

I’m not going to lie. I was a bit disappointed in the food. It just didn’t taste as good as it looked. It was definitely lacking in flavor. But I’ve never really eaten a low fat diet before so I’m sure that part of what flavors food is also what fattens it. It was definitely edible and some of the things like the Peachy Keen Muffin and Tomato Pesto Meltover were downright delicious. It just wasn’t all as good as I expected.

But here’s the good news and why it’s worth it. I lost four pounds in a week! That’s more than half of what I want to lose total and I definitely wasn’t expecting such drastic results! I never cheated and only ate the food provided. The first day, I was really hungry and struggled. At one point I even felt kind of weak so I skipped my regular workout. My body was not used to eating only 1500 calories a day so I listened to my body. The next day was better and by the third day I was adjusted and not hungry between meals.

Since I was feeling hungry in the beginning and had less energy as a result, I didn’t do my regular workout routine and then I ended up with sick kids so didn’t work out at all. I try to work out four times a week so I’m guessing I would have lost even more if I was burning more calories on top of eating diet food.

Now that this diet helped me to get past that hump of the scale not moving I’ll get back to my normal workout routine and hopefully lose those past few pounds.

I also tried the diet-to-go app as a companion to my plan to help keep track of the calories I was taking in, burning and water intake. Just looking at the numbers helps keep you accountable and makes a huge difference! I think the app really helped me to stick with it and not cheat because the numbers were glaring at me in black and white. It also tracked my weight loss which was encouragement to keep going when I just wanted to eat a cheeseburger and chocolate cake!

diet to go meals

I liked that the app had regular food in it so that you could keep track of calories and even included things found at many restaurants. I just wish that it had the specific meals you get from diet-to-go so that the exact calorie count would match instead of trying to search for something similar.

Although I think the food could have had a little more taste, I definitely think the diet-to-go experience is worth it. I’m a busy mom of three responsible for feeding my household so to me, anything I didn’t have to cook is worth eating! It was also nice knowing all my nutritional needs were being met without me having to do the actual counting of everything. It was all done for me!

 How it Works

  1. Select menu
  2. Order your plan
  3. Receive your plan
  4. Lose weight

If you have some weight you want to lose and want someone to do the hard part for you, check out diet-to-go!

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