Top Quality Stainless Steel Measuring Cups By KitchenMade Review

My Thoughts

Wow! Amazing! I never could have imagined that measuring cups as nice as these stainless steel ones from KitchenMade even existed! I have definitely been missing out using my trashy old plastic set. I will never go back!

This set is so heavy and sturdy I was literally shocked by it! After using plastic ones for so many years, these are truly luxurious!

They are made from Stainless Steel and just shine beautifully and look nice! I liked the brushed finish so that it doesn’t show streaks on the inside but has the nice polished finished outside.

My favorite feature of these measuring cups is that they all have more than one measurement on them! There are some obscure measurements that aren’t your typically most used that are actually on these cups like 1/6th for example. The line that you see on the outside also carries over to the inside which makes complete sense since that’s where you’re putting things but most don’t have it!

The measurement is also engraved instead of just stamped on so it can never fade or rub off. AND it’s on the outside, inside and the handle! No more searching all over to figure out which measurement you have!

I also like the groove in the handle that’s perfect to rest your thumb in comfortably so it doesn’t slip and fall out of your hands. The small lip on the edge also makes them perfect for pouring liquids nicely and evenly without it spilling over too fast. There’s also a tab that sticks out if you want to hold it with two hands – or encourage your little ones to do so!

The nice heavy weight of them also makes tipping over less likely which is nice when you have little ones helping you cook! Priced at $29.97  on Amazon, I think that’s about right. It sounds a bit high when you’re dealing with measuring cups BUT when you see them, you’ll know they are worth every penny!

These Measuring Cups from KitchenMade are truly a treasure and have made my life in the kitchen so much more enjoyable!

Product Description

This set of measuring cups will last a lifetime.

Made of top quality polished stainless steel.

A set of 6 nesting measuring cups in mls and cups engraved on the handle and side of the cup so markings will never rub off.

This sturdy set will suit home bakers or commercial kitchens.

With pouring lip so great for measuring liquids or dry ingredients.

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