ICKY STICK – Toilet Ring Remover Review

My Thoughts

Toilets, cleaning them and everything about them is icky so this Icky Stick is appropriately named in my opinion!

Cleaning the toilet is probably my least favorite job in the house and with a family of five, I have to do it often! I like to clean it before it really needs it so I’m not as grossed out. But to truly put this product to the test, I let it go for a week to get the full effect of the before and after. I did actually take pictures but I just can’t bring myself to post pics of my dirty toilet!

The Icky Stick is actually a pumice stone and as soon as I saw it I thought, why hasn’t someone thought of this before? Pumice stone is known to naturally remove hard stains and residue so why not for the toilet?

This was super easy to use. I just dipped it in the water first as instructed and then scrubbed the stain right off. I literally removed the ring in less than a minute! I was literally excited about this! I did both of our toilets so quickly with minimal scrubbing.

The only bummer is how quickly the stick gets used up. I cleaned both our toilets and probably used a quarter of the Icky Stick so it won’t last long. But at $5.49 for one, that’s just a little over a dollar a cleaning for two toilets which is still cheaper than the expensive cleaners I usually use and with NO chemicals. AND the effects last longer. I cleaned with it over a week ago and still don’t even see the beginning of a new ring.

The Icky Stick is a miracle in a stick and I will never go back to using regular toilet bowl cleaners again!

Product Description

…. “What the heck is an ICKY STICK?… and how can this be more effective than the chemicals under my sink?…. “ Easy, this actually works and doesn’t harm the environment in the process. If you have rust, hard water, calcium and/or mildew rings around your toilet bowl, then the ICKY STICK is for you! With just a little bit of water, you can gentle rub away all types of rings and stains instantly. The ICKY STICK is 100% natural pumice and works great even on porcelain toilets. But that’s not all…. 😉 It works on pools and hot tubs too for removing unsightly stains and marks. Ditch the brush & chemicals and try an ICKY STICK! Check out the fun video that basically showcases what “men” do when trying to clean and how hard they make the simplest task:

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