6 Piece Bamboo Kitchen Utensils Set Review

My Thoughts

We have a nice set of Non-Stick Pans that I love BUT the downside is that you can’t use any metal utensils on it or it’ll scratch off the non stick surface. Had I realized this at the time, we probably wouldn’t have bought them. Now I have to use utensils that won’t scratch but it seems like the plastic ones always melt and the wood ones chip and splinter. Neither are good options! I was eager to try the Bamboo Kitchen Utensils since they aren’t supposed to have either problem!

These utensils are made from Bamboo which is hard and not supposed to warp or crack. AND additionally is a renewable resource so they are green utensils! I was ready to put them to the test.

I have used nothing else since getting them almost a month ago. I use them to cook daily and run them through the dishwasher too. They have been really durable and resistant to my abuse! I’ve even left them in the pan a few times which usually results in warping and splintering in my other wood-non-bamboo set. Not these! They look the same as the first day I got them.

I like that I have something that protects the investment we made on our expensive pans and is environmentally friendly. I also really like the way they look. I’m an outdoorsy woodsy type of girl so I love the style. I also appreciate when a set comes with multiple things because it’s much more cost effective than buying them all separately!

The 6 piece Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set stood up to my abuse and have served me well! I threw away my melted plastic ones and splintered and warped wood ones and now use only these! Since they come with each type that I need, I’m all set!

Product Description

Bamboo Style’s® Premium Bamboo 6 Piece Cooking Kitchen Utensil Gadget Set (Spoon, Spatula, Fork, Slotted Spoon, Slotted Spatula, Single Hole Spoon.

Eco-Friendly Resource. Durable Moso Bamboo Kitchen Accessories. Moso Bamboo – Harder than Maple Wood!

Durable 6-Piece Kitchen Utensil Gadget Set That Won’t Crack Or Warp or Scratch Your Cooking Equipment – Or Your Money Back!

Are you looking for a complete kitchen utensil set for all your cooking needs, that won’t hurt the environment? Want to add that natural look to your kitchen? Do you want new kitchenware that is stylish, effective and eco-friendly?

There’s nothing worse than buying a new kitchen utensil set only to find out the tools are made from low quality materials that only break and become useless in a few weeks.

Fortunately, our premium bamboo range use only high-quality hard Moso bamboo that is compressed so won’t warp and crack. Our products are FDA tested too. This ensures they contain no nasty chemicals, so that you can be confident in serving your family and friends a meal that is purely your own ingredients. We guarantee no warping or cracking or your money back!

Benefits of Bamboo Styles 6-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set

-Durable Moso Bamboo
-15% Stronger than Maple and 33% Lighter than Oak
-Easy to Clean & Maintain
-Natural Bamboo with No Dyes or Colors
-FSC Certified – To Ensure Sustainable and Ethical Harvesting
-Doesn’t Scratch Pans and Pots
-Renewable Resource
-Anti-Bacterial Properties


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