Xira Multi Layer Brewing for Keurig Review and #Giveaway (@XiraBrew, #XiraBrew)

My Thoughts

I am a coffee lover! Scratch that – I am a coffee addict! I tried to stop drinking coffee before but then I thought, why? It really is all about the small pleasures in life and coffee is one of those things that give me a daily little boost of happiness. And yes, a daily boost of caffeine! I have three kids so I need it!

After trying to get a Keurig several years in a row, I finally just bought one for myself! I love the tasty little coffees and that I can have a couple different cups with variety instead of a pot of the same thing each time. The one complaint I’ve had about my Keurig is it just doesn’t brew strong coffee. Those tasty little individual K-cups aren’t very strong. So when I saw Xira Brew Multi Layer Brewing for Keurig, imagine my delight!

The Xira system makes a nice, strong, hearty cup of coffee! Here’s how it works:

Use Less Taste More
Multi Layer Brewing incorporates an extra interior layer to the standard “drip method” capsule, utilizing all the grinds by entirely submerging them. The forced circulation flow allows the water to stay in contact with the grinds slightly longer promoting a more robust cup of coffee.

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