Jasmine Ylang Ylang Relaxing Bath Oil Drops from Shea Terra Organics Review

My Thoughts

Taking a nice hot bath at night before I go to bed is one of my rituals I try to stick with. It relaxes me before I go to sleep. When given the opportunity to try Jasmine Ylang Ylang Bath Oil Drops, it made my routine bath sound like a whole new experience.

Reading up on the benefits of the bath oil, it sounded like just the things I would hope for in a spa experience. When I walked in the bathroom and smelled the aroma from the sweet bath oil drops, I immediately had a moment that I thought I was in a spa room. The smell was wonderful.

I enjoyed the aroma and came out of the tub with my skin feeling feeling soft and silky. I could see how the 100% natural oil drops in my bath water would help release stress and create a sensuous relaxing bath.

Jasmine Ylang Ylang Relaxing Bath Oil Drops would be the perfect gift for a mom that has it all. A true spa experience in your own home. A daily routine of nightly pleasure!

About Jasmine Ylang Ylang Relaxing Bath Oil Drops

Description 100% Natural. Do you need an enchanting escape? Go no futher than your bath tub as rare, sweet essential oils will transport you to the exotic island nation of Madagascar. Soften your skin with pure shea oil and feel as though you’ve just walked off a crystal white beach. Size: 4 oz

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