Ocean® Saline Nasal Spray Review

Product Description

OCEAN® Saline Nasal Spray is the original, #1 pharmacist-recommended nasal saline moisturizer. It offers natural, non-medicated relief for dry, irritated nasal passages due to allergies, colds, flu, rhinitis and sinusitis. It is safe for frequent daily nasal care and is gentle enough for infants.

My Thoughts

This time of year always brings on colds, allergy symptoms and sinus infections. The winds bring on dryness that can affect your health. I have never had allergies, however this time of year seems that extra moisture is needed in your nose. Nose sprays are a great tool for clearing your nasal passages, but they can be addicting and doctors do not recommend that you use them regularly.

Ocean Saline Nasal Spray would be an exception to that rule. It is natural and gives non medicated relief. It is safe for frequent daily nasal care, while it moisturizes and irrigates membranes. The packaging even states that it is safe enough for infants. The saline nasal spray would be great to keep on your night stand to use for nasal dryness from the ceiling fan at night too.

I have other members of my family that suffer from allergies that will benefit from the use of Ocean Saline Nasal Spray too. Unlike other nose sprays that we have used, this one can be used on a daily basis. This is a great product for our whole family!

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