Cold-eeze Cold Remedy Oral Spray Review

I had laryngitis with a cold and did not have time to be sick. I had company coming in from out of town, a husband in a walking cast and all the responsibilities of my household to keep up with- I could not be out of commission. So I sought some help and reached for the Cold-eeze Cold Remedy Oral Spray.  I followed the directions and sprayed 2 times in my mouth every 2-4 hours for 3 days. Within 24 hours I could tell that this homeopathic spray was reducing my cold symptoms. It felt as though my congestion and cold symptoms were easing and I was feeling better. I continued using the spray and in 3 days my cold symptoms were almost completely gone. They say that the average cold last 7 days, well my cold only lasted 5 days, and I am very grateful for a reduced affliction.

The directions read to spray on inside of cheeks, roof of mouth and gums.  Whatever you do, do not spray it in the back of your throat-it ran down my throat and it sent me into a coughing fit.  When I followed the directions and sprayed Cold-Eeze on the inside of my cheeks it tasted bitter for a few minutes.

It was great to take cold medicine without feeling dizzy and cloudy headed. I was able to take care of my company, my husband and all of my responsibilities without feeling down and groggy from a cold.  However following directions I would recommend this product to reduce the onset of the common cold. I recommended this product to my mom who appreciated that it is a homeopathic product and it is helping to reduce her cold that she caught from me, at least we have Cold-Eeze to help.

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