Saline Soothers Moisturizing Nose Wipes

Little Busy Bodies, Inc. has announced it is taking on the challenges of adult noses suffering from colds, the flu, allergies and everyday irritants with the introduction of its new Saline Soothers product line.  The most saline wipes represent the company’s expansion in the mucus management market that started back in 2007 with the launch of its first product, Boogie Wipes®.  Three years later, the company has moms everywhere skipping the dry tissue aisle and spending $6.5 million dollars on a better solution for their children’s stuffy noses. Now, adults everywhere can experience what children have been cheering about – a better way to comfort dry, stuffy noses.

“The introduction of Saline Soothers is a natural extension of our line of products,” said Little Busy Bodies, Inc. co-founder and CEO, Julie Pickens. “The reality is, adults have boogies too, and our noses get just as chapped and tender as our children’s.  We knew Boogie Wipes were a better alternative to dry tissues for our kids and wanted adults to reap the benefits of a saline wipe as well.”

Saline Soothers are available at Walgreens stores nationwide, and will be in Walmart stores this summer.  Saline Soothers are available now in a re-sealable 15 count pack for $1.99 and in a 45 count mini tissue box beginning this fall.  For more information please visit Saline’s Amazon page.

I know you all know about Boogie Wipes. They are the rage on the Internet and I have reviewed them a few times. Excellent product!

So I have to ask you…Have you ever used them?  Have you ever stolen just one because you had the sniffles or a cold? Yep, me too! I am confident that we are not alone. Little Busy Bodies, the maker of the ever popular Boogie Wipes, realizes we are not alone and has created a more adult line called Saline Soothers.

A few weeks back I was knocked back with a nasty summer cold. Ugh! Nothing is worse then having a cold during the summer. Doesn’t seem right, does it? It seemed as if all I did all day was sneeze and blow my nose! I was achy all over and my red, chaffed nose sure didn’t make me look pretty.  When a light bulb hit me and I remembered my Saline Soothers. Ok…so no, I wasn’t miraculously cured or I didn’t suddenly have the perfect nose…but it definitely felt wonderful to wipe my nose on a soft, comforting wipe rather then a harsh tissue. I held my wipe next to my nose a few nights as I fell asleep and the soothing cool menthol helped me to sleep more peacefully and easily.

Saline Soothers are available at Walgreens stores nationwide and will be in Walmart stores this summer.  Saline Soothers are available now in a re-sealable 15-count pack for $1.99 and in a 45 count mini tissue box beginning this fall and are available in three refreshing scents: Cool Menthol, Fragrance Free, and Light Lavender.

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